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Slow Ventures is an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco, Boston, and New York. We are generalists and invest at the earliest stages and ideas. We believe - and have seen proven time and again - that great things frequently take time to inflect, and believe that our number-one job is to back great founders on their journey. Read our letter.

In the last ~decade we have invested in the earliest rounds of over 500 companies, including…


Nextdoor Private social network for your neighborhood
Hipcamp Discover and book the best campsites in California
Postmates Same day urban delivery platform
Birchbox Subscription commerce for beauty products
Allbirds Environmentally friendly footwear.
Casper Digitally introduced brand of mattresses.
Birdies Fashionable women’s slippers.
BarkBox Subscription commerce for dogs
Even Interest-free credit to keep your paycheck steady.
Citizen People protect each other
Good Dog Find puppies from responsible breeders.


Robinhood Mobile stock brokerage
Venmo Social payment app
Eco One balance to save, spend, and make money
HM Bradley Unlock your money’s potential
VGS Payment data security & compliance infrastructure
Human Interest 401(ks) for SMBs
Authentic Insurance for small businesses on your platform
Astra The Automation Platform for Money Movement
Wax Insurance Protect your passion
Taptap Send Send more, spend less.


Airtable Modern database software.
Domino Data Lab Enterprise data science platform.
Frontapp Customer management platform
Tonkean Next generation management platform.
Otter AI-powered voice translation app.
OpenPhone Mobile app for a business phone number
Slack Work messaging
Amplio Risk prediction & component sourcing
Sublime Security Detect and prevent email attacks
Superorder All in one management software for kitchens>


Ro Direct-to-consumer telehealth.
Livongo Health Personalized Tools for Chronic Condition Management
Plume Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy From Anywhere
Pillpack Simplified Pharmacy
Fairsquare Medical Your Medicare One-Stop-Shop
Wheel powering virtual care
Brightside online treatment for depression and anxiety
Embark Dog DNA & health testing
Flossy For patients without dental insurance


Juice Banking trusted by the best creators
Stem distribution and payments for musicians
Human DAOs lead by creators
Pearpop creator collaboration on demand
Outtake Defend your Identity, Content, and IP>


Teamshares employee ownership for small business.
Metropolis mobile commerce and modern parking
Astra Lower cost rocket launches.
Common Technology-enabled residential operator.
Running Tide Automated ocean harvesting technologies.
Zipline Global on-demand delivery.
Pollen Own your network


Solana Scalable blockchain infrastructure.
Klaytn The Ground for All Blockchain Services
Chia A new blockchain and smart transaction platform
Aleo Where Applications Become Private.
Algorand A pure proof of stake blockchain platform.
Diem A trusted and innovative financial network.
Ampleforth The rebasing currency.
Lightning Labs layer-two bitcoin.
Portal Labs make wallets embeddable anywhere.
Fold Wallet Bitcoin wallet.
River The best place to buy, sell BTC
And Many More….

Investment Team

Kevin Colleran Managing Director. Fmr GC & early Facebook. @KevinColleran

Sam Lessin GP. Fmr VP Product FB. Co-founder Fin Analytics & Intern The Information. @lessin

Will Quist Excitable GP. Fmr Partner at Industry Ventures.@wquist

Megan Lightcap Creator Principal. Frmr Olive and L Catterton. @mmlightcap

Yoni Rechtman Principal. Frmr Tusk Ventures. @yrechtman

Clay Robbins Crypto Venture Partner. Fmr 0x and Square. @crabbylions

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WTF VC The world famous deck on the broken ‘factory system’ of VC & what to do about it.

Growth Buyout Thesis How software, not B2B SaaS, will eat the world.

Slow PhD Our approach to exploring the idea maze together.

Private Practice Thesis The future of healthcare is private practice.

Franchising Thesis Why Venture Should Care About Franchises.

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